The fineliner brush and the first coat of watercolour!

I've started watercolouring my asian bridal illustration today. I definitely need to use my fineliner brush for this one. All those little details and trying to keep within the lines is a pretty hard job!

It starts off with the first coat of watercolour as a base, then moving onto adding more watercolour details and shading. I'm looking forward to the final outcome soon.

Resh Kay x


Lovely little details! ♥

After yesterdays post, there are seriously not enough hours in the day and the same thing happened today! I love drawing, but unfortunately it's hard to always put it as my main priority. I'll try my best to post as often as I can.

Today I finally finished off the details on the asian bridal illustration I started. I love all those lovely little details which complete the illustration! 

Details done

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Day 8: Not enough hours in the day!

So much to do but so little time. That's how I feel sometimes. Today I didn't have any time to draw but I finally got around to organising some of my illustrations.

Illustration galore
As drawing has now become more of a hobby for me, something I do in my free time and like to still keep in touch with so I hardly get any time unless it's after work or during holidays. Drawing has always been something I eat, sleep and breathe but as I have now gone into teaching, I've had to make it number 2.

Hopefully one day in the future I can do illustrations full time. 

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Day 7: A new day, a new illustration!

I've started a new illustration tonight. Still keeping to the fashion illustration theme but this time I'm having a go at Asian bridal outfits. I love the design and details on Asian bridal outfits, but it is seriously hard work to draw all the amazing little details that make the outfits wow!

Asian bridal outfit in progress

So far, I have drawn the outline and started on some of the details. Illustration to be continued...

Resh Kay x


Day 6: Those finishing touches! ♥

I've finally managed to finish off my fashion illustrations from the other day. Those little finishing touches are always my favourite when I'm drawing fashion illustrations!

Those gold and glitter touches

A little bit of gold and glitter goes a long way and really adds a lot to the illustration. I'm happy with the outcome and I will share what paints and glitter I have used to achieve this in a future post!

Resh Kay x


Day 5: Back to reality!

Back to reality! Back to work after 2 weeks off. I'm still getting use to the routine. Today was a rather chilled day which required theraputic colouring and my favourite which is, making display board bits. Fun times!

The good life

I've been responsible for display boards at work for a year now. I've enjoyed each display board task. I love getting a chance to use my creative ideas to put on show for everyone. There have been a few times where I've had a massive creative block, especially when I.m given a handful of display board ideas.
How do you usually get out of a creative block?

Drawn by my talented colleague

For me, the best way to get out of a creative block is:
Do something random. Different. Out of the box. Try something new. And relax, after a while something will inspire you!

For me, the creativity just doesn't stop today. I've been working on tedious little bits for tomorrows display board and I'm finally done, yay!

Resh Kay x


Day 4: Do what you love! ♥

It's the last day before I'm back at work tomorrow after 2 weeks off. It's been a very productive one, even though I haven't had much time to do my artwork. Today I feel super motivated! I need to feel like this at the beginning of the holidays, rather then the last day. A reminder to myself when the next holiday comes!

I spent my evening with my beloved watercolours. My Reeves watercolour set/tin and my Winsor Newton watercolour compact set. To be honest, I mainly use my Reeves watercolor tin and have been using them for over 10 years. I've been through tins and tins and for any new artists, I would recommend it. Recently I've been trying to use the watercolour tubes, but I'm finding it hard to get the right amount of water with the colour. But after a while, I quickly got use to it.

Resh Kay's workspace 

What you see above is my workspace, my mess and how I work. I've had a very productive evening watercolouring yesterdays illustrations. Yesterday I completed step 1: the biro outlines. Today I completed step 2: watercolourng the illustrations.

Work in progress
Finally completed step 2 today and tomorrow I will move onto the last step which is adding the extra details!

Although drawing has now become a hobby, I know drawing is what I love. Do what you love, do what you enjoy! 

Step 2: watercolour done! 

I will try to take more step to step snaps of how I work. I hope this post helped you and if you have any questions, feel free to email:

Resh Kay x